Sustainable Business

Sustainable business

6 degrees acknowledges the need to alter current practices based on growing evidence that business as usual is not sustainable. Our Economic Strategy is consistent with Council’s Sustainability Policy where “environmental awareness” and “supporting sustainable business practices” are integral to the future development of our business community. Below is information that can assist business in operating in a more sustainable manner.

Acting sustainably increases your business

Sustainable business practices can create a more resilient business, ensuring you are better able to adapt to change. Sustainability can have financial, environmental and social benefits that strengthen business. Benefits include saving money, managing business risks and maintaining stronger relationships with employees, customers, the local community and other businesses.

Where to start?

From micro to large, each business can reinforce their position as a responsible member of the business community. You don’t need to achieve all-the-things right away! Businesses can take simple, achievable steps to become more sustainable, implementing quick wins or deep changes.

  • Download the 6 degrees Sustainability is Possible Guide(PDF, 183KB) and start implementing sustainable business practices today.

  • Go a little deeper and register your interest in the Coffs Coast Sustainable Business Working Group. Our sustainable business meet-ups happen every 6 weeks, bringing forward-thinking people, business leaders and organisations together to drive the transition to a sustainable Coffs Coast.

  • Find tips to inspire you to live sustainably from the Our Living Coast hub.


For more information on Energy, Waste, Water, Purchasing and Transport head to our Sustainable Business Resources Page