Marlo's Pet Wellness

Marlos Pet Wellness

6 degrees hosted a coworking drop-in day in May 2021 where people who attended could also tap into the marketing talents of the dynamic duo Heidi and Lindsay of Fluke & Fern.

Sue was one of the intrepid people who ventured in to explore how 6 degrees could help realise her plans for starting a new business. 

Sue had a dog which struggled with bad gut health. During that time, she quickly realised that there was a need in the market for an Australian provider of natural products for dogs with gut health issues. At the coworking day Sue shared her business idea with Fluke & Fern. It soon became clear that they were a good fit, and that their marketing agency could help Sue realise her dream.

Ideas, passion and hard work can be powerful together, and soon Lindsay and Heidi were working closely with Sue towards the launch of this new business, Marlo's Pet Wellness. Much has to be said for Sue's commitment to her vision and willingness to enlist professional support to help her get to the launch date faster and without drama. Sue realised that she identified a real need and was clear on the solution but also recognised the aspects of the business that weren't in her expertise and the clear benefits in bringing these skills in early. 

The journey started with helping Sue create a strong brand identityWhen designing the logo and deciding on the overall branding, Fluke & Fern wanted to make sure that it was something that would speak to the customers of Marlo’s Pet Wellness. As the whole business idea came from Sue’s own experience with her dog Marlo, it made sense to include Marlo in the branding. The colours were all strategically chosen with their representation and meaning:

  • Green symbolising growth, renewal and nature
  • Blue symbolising health, healing, and understanding.

With the branding locked in it was time to work with her to create the label design for the up and coming gut health powder! From the beginning, Sue had also always planned to be present at the local markets. They therefore designed flyers, business cards, special discount cards, and even stickers.

One of Sue's greatest challenges was creating an online presence as it was outside her normal skill set. The Fluke & Fern team understood her needs into the future and evaluated Shopify as an easy entry point for e-commerce. As Marlo’s Pet Wellness is a business that is designed to grow and expand with more products, they wanted to use a tool that allows for this type of growth for e-commerce.

To fully make the brand come alive, we also developed a content creation plan where the goal was to encapsulate the values of the brand and showcase the products at its best. We then coordinated photoshoots to make it all happen.

No great online store is worth anything until it has a proper online presence including social media. Social media can be powerful marketing when used right for your business. With Marlo’s Pet Wellness, the team created the social media strategy as well as setting up the platforms. Sue is so passionate about her business, and we really wanted that to shine through. As Sue was new to the world of social media the team undertook a few social media training sessions with Sue. Suddenly, without ever having been on Instagram before, Sue posted an Instagram reel and got a whooping 4000 views and 150 likes!  This is only the beginning.

It has been an incredible journey to be able to launch a product both online and at markets in only 6 months! The Fluke & Fern team are so excited to have been part of this amazing journey from day one, and can’t wait to see what future has in store for Sue and Marlo’s Pet Wellness.

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