Youngster is wonderful business that provides great job opportunities for our youngsters and empowering our elders to use technology better.

It has a well crafted pitch "Tech help for Seniors, life skills for youngsters.Personalised tech help for Seniors, taught by Youngsters."

Although, as with many startups it didnt begin here. 

The co-founder Tony Rothacker started his journey with a kernel of an idea and putting his love for lean startup methodology into action he got straight out there and started pitching the idea to guage the market reaction early. In fact he was pitching at one of our 6 degrees Connect events at Sawtell. At this stage it was called something else and was laser focused on the interface between consumer and telco. You know that painpoint where they say its something wrong at your end and you are sure its something at their end...that pain. 

From there through many iterations, a journey through the Startup Onramp incubator program that was supported by 6 degrees led to him winning the pitch competition at Startup Coffs Coast in 2019. Even then it still wasn't called but it was honing in on its product / market fit. 

In this case the pandemic was the catalyst for this company to grow. With everyone forced to be using QR codes and digital vaccination certificates our seniors were struggling with their devices and there was no-one there to help. Enter is now growing and expanding and has moved into the Coffs Coast Innovation Hub as a tennant. 

Listen to Tony chat with Naomi Simpson on her podcast.In this episode they chat about wellbeing in business, business in regional Australia and Tony's work with helping our elders use technology.