About 6 degrees


6 Degrees is a business support initiative of Coffs Harbour City Council. It began back around 2014  to help generate new business and job opportunities in conjunction with the roll-out of the NBN. Over this time, the program’s main purpose has been to facilitate growth opportunities for start-up and established businesses through innovation and entrepreneurialism. 

Like many organisations, 6 Degrees pivoted during 2020 to provide a more rounded support service for local businesses. 6 Degrees has now become a ‘one-stop-shop’ to encourage and support all Coffs Coast businesses, during possibly the hardest year many of them have faced. This has been achieved by providing relevant and needed content and connections, advocacy for local businesses, and activities to build resilience – positioning 6 Degrees as a trusted information source.

6 Degrees activities are underpinned by seven elements:

COWORKING: support of remote workers and those working from home through the promotion and activation of coworking spaces. These spaces provide an opportunity for members to meet with clients, work on their own or collaborative projects, and network with other business owners.

CONNECTIONS: where new businesses and ideas have the opportunity to come together with more experienced businesses, mentoring is offered and connections are made. Businesses pitch their idea at any stage to a group of learned colleagues to gain feedback, collaboration or connections. 

CONTENT: through online and face-to-face workshops and one-on-one sessions, business owners are provided with links to new ideas, new thinking and new strategies to develop and grow their business. 

COLLABORATIONS: with local Business Networks including Chambers, event organisers, entrepreneurs, business advisors and external knowledge experts, providing a platform for information distribution, resources, connections and events that talk to the needs of local business.

COMMUNITY: the building of a community of local professional suppliers through the ‘Talent Directory’ App, enabling new and existing businesses to connect with local suppliers. 

CONVERSATION: events such as the Small Business Festival (held in conjunction with the three local Chambers) and Festival of New Thinking, has enabled conversation from, with and between local and national subject matter experts, providing a way for local businesses to expand their knowledge.

COOPERATION: through listening to survey responses, and members of working groups and business networks, 6 Degrees has been able to provide more specific content against local business needs.