Often the biggest barrier to sustainability for many business owners is “where do I start”. Sustainability can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. 6 degrees hosted Sustainability is Possible – ‘Small Green Steps’ on May 26 2022 to help businesses discover the‘Small Green Steps’ needed to start (or boost) their sustainable business journey.

Participants were encouraged to ask questions to better understand how to reduce business waste, improve energy efficiencies or save money through sustainability. The 6 degrees team captured what was said at the event which includes the following.

Q. Does energy efficiency improve cash flow, if so, how?

Yes! It isn’t uncommon for a small business to spend thousands on electricity bills every year. Saving on your bottom-line starts with avoidance – turning off electronic devices, upgrading to energy efficient appliances, use energy-efficient lighting and reduce peak demand times.

Consider solar energy and battery options for your business. By installing a battery your business could connect to a virtual power plant (VPP) which is a network of solar battery systems all working together in a coordinated way. And, your battery can actually sell electricity back to the network.

Q. Bang for buck, what’s the best ‘small green step’ a business can take to make a real difference?

Changing over to energy efficiency lighting such as LEDs.

Q. I would like to install renewable energy systems for my business. Is there financial and/or technical support currently available from the Government?

Not at the minute but that could change. The NSW Government’s Energy Saver program offers free training, online courses and webinars for small businesses seeking business energy advice.There are also discounts and incentives for businesses to reduce energy use including several schemes which provide subsidies for new appliances and equipment.

Learn more about feed-in tariff rates, installing solar, emerging technologies and other renewable energy benefits at the NSW Government website.

Solar is the cheapest electricity available in today’s market. The return on investment you get from a solar system often exceeds most other assets in terms of the money your business saves over the years.

Additional information, links, organisations and toolkits – find out how to reduce the amount of energy and water your business uses, and improve your waste management.

Energy Saver NSW - information on energy management, as well as access to offers that will help you upgrade your equipment at a lower cost.