How to turn your creativity into a business

Published on 31 July 2022


Are you an artist, filmmaker, designer, or creator at the beginning of your career, or at the crossroads of making your creative ideas a sustainable, commercially sound reality?

We believe any creative idea can become a business, it's just really hard to transition from idea to sustainable business. It takes a lot of self-belief and determination. It also helps if you are exposed to leaders from across the industry to develop your knowledge and start to understand the a real thread. Samuel Ross says, "all the creatives who are changing the game work hard, understand collaboration and community and never give up when they hit barriers in the road – knowing that when they started out it was down to them to shape their own futures."

So what are some of the common barriers? 

This one is huge. Just ask anyone struggling to understand the value of their own work, and then how to communicate that value with others. There can be a whole lot of psychological barriers to overcome as well before you can accept your true worth. Unless you have a degree in marketing then can't expect yourself to be an expert on pricing. What you do need are some easy guidelines to follow so you can structure some quick research and get to the fun part of selling faster.  Working out what to charge for creative products and services can be a colossal challenge. Where to even start?

Thats where we step in with What’s It Worth, a practical workshop that covers the basics of figuring out the price point for creative work, including calculating costs and understanding what the market can bear. 

Multiple income streams
Everyone knows the saying of "don't put all your eggs in one basket". So why limit yourself to one income stream? You're creative right, so it's time to get creative on finding different ways to diversify your income! That could be through offering the same creative in different formats or channels to market. 

Creatives are good at lots of different things, and with a little brainstorming and guidance those talents can be turned into revenue. Becoming less reliant on government funding can also open up abundant creative and commercial opportunities for savvy creatives and arts organisations that think outside of the ‘grant box’.

If this sounds like something you need then jump into Diversify your creative income, an interactive workshop that discusses the various general ways that creatives can make money (including services, goods and passive income).


So you don't need to face this all alone. If you are trying to develop an arts based business or turn your creative practice to have a business head these are the sessions for you. Learn from our facilitator and find support from other creatives also on this journey. 

About your awesome facilitator.
Monica Davidson is an award-winning expert on the creative industries, who began her professional life as a freelance journalist and filmmaker. Her own experience highlighted how unprepared creative people can be for a life of entrepreneurship. After 20 years of informally helping others to develop their creative businesses, Monica founded the social enterprise Creative Plus Business Group in 2015, an organisation that helps creatives to develop their business skills. She is a renowned speaker and author, with a Masters in Screen Business from AFTRS. Her passion is helping other creatives to master their small business skills and take the reins of their freelance careers.


Saturday 22 October
@ Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery

9:30-11:30am      What it's worth

1:00 - 3:00pm      Diversify your creative income